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VERDE CANINO Shampoo and Conditioner in One is made from high quality herbs, flowers and vegetables, and is insecticide free.

VERDE CANINO is a refreshing alternative for your beloved pet.

VERDE CANINO will leave your dogs’s coat soft and shiny, and easy to detangle while supplying nutrients to your pet’s skin, helping it to be soft, itch-free and clean smelling.

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212-989-5106 or diamondleeza@gmail.com

Safe and Insecticide Free.

At VERDE CANINO, we are careful to regulate the pH level so that your dog’s fur and skin are properly protected. Because it is insecticide free, VERDE CANINO is a safer and more refreshing alternative for your beloved pet.

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“I have a Chiweenie (Dachshund, Chihuahua mix). The shampoo lathers nicely and rinses easily. After using the shampoo, I noticed my dog to be exceptionally clean with no residual odor, nor any residue left on her coat. After she is dried, her fur feels good to the human touch and her coat looks heathy, fluffy, and keeps a nice shine. The shampoo also seems to hold its cleanliness for a long period of time.”

Barry H.

“This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to have a dog so I’m new to the whole adventure!

At first, I took Mickey to a grooming salon. He came back quite debonair but it only lasted moments. Immediately, he was feeling itchy, powdery, and he started rolling around gathering dirt and shedding profusely. So I decided to wash him myself. It was “war”. I didn’t have the right technique! I got soap in his eyes. It must have burned because he started scrambling around. And, again the end result was  dry, flaky, itchy skin and a lot of shedding….and endless brushing. It all took so long!  Then a friend gave me VERDE CANINO shampoo. Mickey seemed skeptical and afraid to have a bath. But, after the first time, he became relaxed and even started to enjoy bath time. Now he even tells me when it’s time to shower! Better results in much less time….only shampoo, rinse and brush… For really soft, fluffy hair!  It was so easy to take the snarls out. Count me in as a fan! Thank you VERDE CANINO!”

Shoshana D.

The utmost love and care.

VERDE CANINO supplies nutrients to your pet’s skin, making it soft, itch-free and clean smelling.

VERDE CANINO is made with herbs and plants of the highest quality and with the utmost love and care.

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